Video : Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop

Hello everyone!

I had shared the details of the 3 days Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop held at Joseph and Mary School sometime back over here. We wanted to release the video as well because students had been aksing for this. But our team got tied up in organizing the IRC League and the video of this workshop took a backseat. 

Nevertheless, better late than never. Our videography captain Raghav is finally done with the editing of this video. You can watch it over here. 

It is always a pleasure to see the passion of students for Robotics and the drudgery they are willing to put into learning and creating even if it involves colossal amount of reworks.

Proud to have such students in the Avishkaar community.

Keep Innovating!

Swati Gupta Swati Gupta
Video : Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop Video : Avishkaar Robotronics Workshop Reviewed by Avishkaar Box on 17:00 Rating: 5

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