On a Nostalgic Note...from the Avishkaar Box Co-founder

Hi! This is Swati Gupta. I look after the business of Avishkaar Box. I plunged into this venture because I've always believed in the power of Hands-on learning for real education, and the concept of subscription boxes for kids really clicked me. Besides the entrepreneurial hat, I love writing, reading, dancing and meditating :)

I was asked by my team to share my feelings for my Mom. Well, I am not sure  if words can capture the feelings well but this post is dedicated to my Mother. I think the beauty of days like Mother's Day is that they make you realize the beauty and blessings around and come in gratitude mode.

All of us have some idols or role models (Intelligent ones do have! :P) . Mine has been my mother. I wouldn’t say a role model – the role models are adored and aped but I, for sure know that I can never be like her even if I put my best foot forward, at least not in this lifetime.

In the worldly chaos and day to day meanderings, one thing that is overlooked is Family. We might accept that, at times, they are taken for granted. No doubt we love them and do our best but with others we still can be pleasing and nice but with our own family members if I can talk only about myself instead of generalizing, I have a different level of naturalness. At times I feel if there was someone else doing the same thing instead of my family member ; my response would have been different.

Whatever I am today, I owe it to her. At times I feel though I am an Art of Living Teacher but it is she who has truly lived the knowledge, in many sense. Yes, on many occasions she behaves like a typical lady cribbing (but not cursing) and being negative but then again the next second she comes back to the normal happy state and I watch her perplexed – is she for real? She has seen a lot in life. And by “a lot”, I mean it. For myself, I feel I have seen many tough times but in front of her struggles in life, they have no place. I get compliments for my bubbly nature and enthusiasm and I think rather I know deep inside that I have learnt it from her. She is a child at heart. My friends, whoever have met her, have loved her more than me. I get call from friends to ask if she is at home ‘coz they want to meet her instead of me! Her endurance, her patience, her never-give-up attitude and her faith in God – all are commendable. 

She has given me the best schooling. She herself could not complete her graduation but made sure her children get into the best school. Though I have not been a witness to it, but I’ve heard stories how she ran from Pillar to Post and did not leave any stone unturned to make it happen. In School, she gave anything and everything. I never felt I had anything lacking from my peers, though when I grew up I realized how much toil she underwent to make this happen. She gave me all the freedom, parties, late nights, travels – coming from a conservative baniya family and with elder siblings not getting that level of freedom, it meant a lot to me. Today I have friends in guys whom most of them she knows, many have come home. Her ability to give me that space has inspired me to be honest with her.

I got into one of the best undergraduate college and during my days at CBS too, she’d put in tremendous efforts. I’ve lived away from her for 5 good years and have realized her value very very deeply. My mother will not read this post. She is the last person to use Internet. She uses her phone only to receive calls (and makes least calls :P !). So many times I have tried to make her use SMSes but she gives a damn! :D

Now she has Arthritis. He bodily strength is fading way but her enthusiasm and energy isn’t. She still does everything as she used to do. At night she cries in pain at times but next day gets up as if nothing happens. She is headstrong and believes in divine play. The flipside of this is that she refuses to go to any doctor or take medicines!

I have been observing my mother since past one week. Daily when I leave for office and when I come back, I have a thought, “How can one person be so compassionate? So forgiving? And so surrendered?”

Thank you so much for everything Mumma! To say " I love you" would be superficial. Whatever I am today is all because of you. 

PS: I don't have any pic of my Mother. She refuses to get clicked :)

It suddenly came in my mind - What would life be if we didn't had Mothers ?


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